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Swedish Massage

Gentle full-body massage that’s ideal for people who have a lot of tension, are sensitive to touch, and are new to massage therapy. You can fully relax during this massage as it helps release muscle knots.

Benefits of Body Massage

  • Reduces Stress:

Stress reduction is of fundamental importance for a healthier lifestyle. Even a single massage session can be able to improve your heart rate by lowering it.

  • It Promotes Relaxation:

Massage in several studies has proven to be able to help the body enter a state of rest and recovery (Just like when you are relaxed and without thinking). An effect that lasts long after the massage has been performed.

  • Improves Posture & Circulation:

Massage helps strengthen muscles and bones that can improve our posture. The pressure on the body moves the blood through the congested areas. This is able to improve circulation, resulting in improved areas of affliction.

  • Lower Blood Pressure:

High blood pressure and considered very critical medicine. A very effective way to decrease high blood pressure is to have regular massages.

  • Releasing the Muscles:

Pain in the back? Being seated for a long time can be a disaster for our bodies. The massage is able to reach the root of the pain by relaxing the muscles thesis.

  • Improves Flexibility and Movement Strength:

As the age advances, the joints tend to shrink, making body movements more limited. Massage helps keep the joints more fluid, making them more flexible.

  • Promotes Breathing:

One of the greatest signs of anxiety and stress is a fast and difficult breathing. Massage can help improve respiratory problems thanks to the benefits of relaxation.

  • It Alleviates Headache:

Almost half of people worldwide suffer from chronic headaches and migraines. Massage helps relieve pressure, tension and pain.

  • Strengthens the immune system:

Various studies indicate that undergoing regular massage may increase the effectiveness of white body cells making them more aggressive against an external enemy.


  • Clean and Disinfect Toilets, Tubs & Showers

  • Clean Bathroom Sinks, Counters, Fixtures & Faucets

  • Sweep & Mop Bathroom Floors

  • Hand wipe Mirrors

All Areas in the Home

  • Dust Ceiling Fans & Light Fixtures

  • Remove Cobwebs

  • Dust Window Sills, Molding & Ledges

  • Dust Baseboards, Furniture, Pictures & Knick Knacks

  • Wastebaskets Emptied & Relined

  • Change 1 set of Linen (If left out on bed)

  • Stairs Vacuumed and/or Mopped

  • Sweep & Mop Hard Floor Area


  • Clean & Disinfect Counters

  • Clean Kitchen Sink & Faucets

  • Clean Appliance Exteriors

  • Sweep & Mop Kitchen Floors

  • Load Dishwasher

  • Inside Microwave



If you have a small home and/or are looking for a focused cleaning of a couple rooms, the best option for you is probably a TIDY UP. In 1 hour, a Homekeeper can clean the basics of most of that space. For example, in an hour a cleaner could complete:

  • Vacuum/mop floors

  • Dust all furniture

  • Clean the toilet

  • Clean the shower

  • Get 1-2 other special tasks done

This list is just an example to give you a sense of what they can do.  You ultimately get to pick what they do, using your TIDY To Dos.

If you are looking for a deeper cleaning, a Total Turnover will probably work better.  It is 2 hours and gives them more time to get into the details for you.  Here is an example of items an house cleaner can get to in that time:

  • Everything of the TIDY, plus...

  • Clean the stove

  • Clean the oven

  • Clean the microwave

  • Clean the refrigerator

  • Wash the dishes

  • Make the bed

  • Get into more detail on all items

  • Plus up to 4 other special tasks done

Again, this is just an example, if your home is generally clean, they can get a lot more done!  If it needs a little extra love, then they can get less done.

You can also get a Deep Clean done if you want the Homekeeper to get into meticulous detail.  This is also ideal for a move out cleaning.


Larger homes can use the TIDY UP. It is the same 1-hour service customized to you. Again, the key to success for a TIDY UP is focusing on exactly what you want done.

The most popular service for average sized homes is the Total Turnover. In 2.5 hours, a Homekeeper could likely get all rooms at least briefly, with some rooms done well. The most typical rooms that someone gets done in a Total Turnover are:

Brief cleanings of:

  • All bedrooms

  • Guest bathrooms

Deeper cleanings of:

  • Master bath

  • Kitchen

  • Living room

  • Other common spaces

Again, these cleanings are focused on your needs during the timeframe.  So pick what gives you the biggest "bang for your buck".

Deep Cleans are also common on larger homes, of 3+ bedrooms. They are a good choice for someone who really wants a deep cleaning. A Deep Clean is a 6 hour cleaning. This is enough time to get in good detail for most homes. This is also the service choice for end of tenancy cleanings.


There are a couple of things you can do to maximize your cleaning with TIDY Up.

  1. Make sure you get your most important items listed on your To Do list.

  2. Do a quick pass at organizing before they arrive. Homekeepers can organize things for you. But generally speaking, you know best exactly where things go. Grab the most obvious things off the ground to give your Homekeeper more time to complete your important things. For example, say you want them to clean your house's floors. They are going to have to pick up your items first, so it will take some time away from doing that task.

  3. Just ask! Most issues related to cleaning are communication-related. Just reach out if we can do anything to help make sure your cleaning is successful.

  4. You can also easily leave clear directions and parking instructions for your cleaner if your home is hard to find.

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